Grading Policy

Grading Policy

  • Gramercy Arts High School awards grades six times per-year.
  • Grades are awarded during each term (Fall and Spring) as follows, Marking Period 1, Marking Period 2, Marking Period 3 and then the average of the three marking periods will be computed for the Final Average of the Term. The Final Average is what is placed on  students’ transcripts.
  • All courses are graded on a scale of 0-100.
  • A grade of 65 or higher is a passing grade.
  • Students have up to 20 days after the end of a Marking Period to completed missed or late work.
  • Department Grading Policy (see attached)


Annualization Policy

  • Earn at least a 70 average in the second term of the course, or summer school term of the course, within the same school year.
  • Guidance Counselors meet with students two times per year to discuss the annualization eligibility requirements and to inform  students of this grade change procedure as part of “Transcript Party” presentations and “360” presentations. Eligible students grade changes are submitted in STARS by July 1st after the Spring Term and September 30th after Summer School.
  • First Term marks are changed to 65 average via transcript updates at the assigned time.

Eg. One student earned 55 in EES81 (English 9) during term 1 but earned 75 in EES82 (English 9) during term 2. The Term 1 grade would be changed to 65 average as per the policy.

  • Annualization policy only applies to courses taken within the same school year, including summer school. Semesters taken during different school years cannot be annualized.

Non-eligible courses for 2017-2018 School year- Phys Ed, Geometry Year 2, Participation in Government, and Economics.

English/ENL/LOTE Department Policy

Essays/Tests/Projects 40%
Participation 25%
Classwork/Quizzes 25%
Homework 10%


Math Department Policy

Class work 35%
Homework 10%
Tests, Quizzes, Projects 55%


Science Department Policy

Exam and Quizzes 30%
Class work/Participation/Notebook 25%
Laboratory 25%
Homework 10%
Projects 10%


Social Studies Department Policy

Exams/Projects 50%
Homework 10%
Participation 25%
Quizzes 15%


Performing Arts Department Policy

Performance/Projects 50%
Class work and Participation 30%
Homework 10%
Written Assignments 10%


Visual and Fine Arts Department Policy

Class work 20%
Homework 20%
Participation 20%
Projects 40%


Physical Education Department Policy

Preparation & Participation 40%
Conduct & Behavior 25%
Effort 25%