March 27th is SAT and PSAT Day!

March 27th will be the official testing day for both the SAT and PSAT. On this day both 10th and 11th grade students will be assigned a classroom to take their exam from 8:20 am-1:00 pm. 

To allow for a testing environment, and due to the many classrooms needed to accommodate both the PSAT and SAT testing, 9th grade and 12th grade students will not have school this day! It will be a non-attendance day for all 9th and 12th grade students. We recommend that 12th grade students use this day to visit a college or do research and outreach in making a final college choice. We recommend 9th grade students consider a day at work with their parents or family member so that they can learn about different careers, or use this day to complete  work assigned in PupilPath.

Parents or Guardians with questions or concerns should please reach out to Ms. Hindelong at