Dress Code

You are expected to dress appropriately for the season and the occasion of school. If you come to school dressed in clothes that violate the stated Dress Code, you will need to wear clothing provided by the school—or a family member will be contacted to bring in appropriate clothing.

Inappropriate clothing includes:

  • LENGTH OF CLOTHING: All bottoms, pants, and skirts must be as long as or fall below the tips of your fingers if you hold your arms down at your sides.
  • REVEALING CLOTHING: Shirts cut to show midriffs; excessively or inappropriately ripped jeans; sagging pants; shirts with inappropriate images or text; shirts that are cut too low; and exposed undergarments (including men’s sleeveless or tank-top t-shirts) may not be worn.
  • HEADWEAR: You may not wear head-wear of any kind—including hats, caps, headbands, bandannas, or do-rags. You may not wear hoodies with the hood up.
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