English 12 Syllabus

Ms. Sullivan | Ms. Rojek (4th) | Ms. Beck (8th) | Ms. Clagnaz


Course Description:

English 12 is the last in a series of English courses designed to prepare you for college and career level reading and writing. This course will focus on conventions of English grammar, reading comprehension, and critical thinking. By considering the essential question, “Who tells your story?” you will gain a deeper, more empathetic, understanding of others and yourself.  


Required Materials: 1 section in your binder, lots of loose-leaf, a 2-pocket folder, pens, pencils, markers, post-its


English Department Grading Policy

Essays/Tests/Projects 40%
Participation 25%
Classwork/Quizzes 25%
Homework 10%
Total Grade 100%


Academic Integrity and Honesty

All written work submitted is expected to be your own. Plagiarism is the wrongful appropriation of and stealing of another author’s language, thoughts and ideas for use as your own. Plagiarism if it is done, whether by plan or by accident,  will result in serious academic penalties that could lead to failure of the course. (Just don’t do it, you need this to graduate!)


Class Protocols:


  1. Arrive on time.
  2. No food or drink inside the classroom.
  3. Come prepared (this includes reading/writing assignments, homework, and school supplies).
  4. Be responsible and respectful.
  5. Work individually as well as in groups.
  6. 8th Period – No sprays or lotions in class (Ms. Beck is allergic…)
  7. Be curious; show good work ethic and HAVE FUN!



All assignments are expected to be done on time and with maximum effort. Readings must be done when assigned or you will be unable to participate in class discussions and, consequently, your grade will suffer. If you are struggling and/or have questions about an assignment, ask one of your teachers for help BEFORE it is due! All assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. It is YOUR responsibility to check it if you miss class. You will have online assignments on various websites and Google classroom so you MUST check your GramercyHS.org email at least once a day. There will be no excuse for missed online assignments. If you need help getting into your email contact Mr. Ali in the main office.




Common Core English Learning Standards Grade 12


CDOS Learning Standards:

Standard 1: Career Development Students will be knowledgeable about the world of work, explore career options, and relate personal skills, aptitudes, and abilities to future career decisions.

Standard 2: Integrated Learning Students will demonstrate how academic knowledge and skills are applied in the workplace and other settings.

Standard 3a: Universal Foundation Skills Students will demonstrate mastery of the foundation skills and competencies essential for success in the workplace. and

Standard 3b: Career Majors Students who choose a career major will acquire the career-specific technical knowledge/skills necessary to progress toward gainful employment, career advancement, and success in postsecondary programs.

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