Announcement #1: This is the first day of the second marking period, which will end November 15th..

Announcement #2: Today’s tutoring during lunch is English, Italian and Social Studies.

Announcement #3: The National Honors Society will meet with during lunch in Room 715, with Ms. Brody and Mr. Lilla, and the Poetry Club will meet in Room 701 with Ms. Powell.

Announcement #4: A representative from Lincoln University, a public Historically Black College in Pennsylvania, will be visiting us today during 6th period lunch. For those interested, please come to Room 741A, to learn more about the programs it offers. 

Announcement #5: To all students that were given lunch form flyers, please inform your parents that they need to fill it out online.  If your parent is having problems filling it out please tell them to contact Ms. Ruiz, the Parent Coordinator.

Have a great rest of Tuesday!



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