Announcement #1: The second marking period ends on November 15th, you have 6 days left to stay on top of your work and finish strong.

Announcement #2: Today’s tutoring during lunch is Math, Social Studies and Art.

Announcement #3: The Science and Chess Club will meet in Room 715, Gay-Straight Alliance meets in Room 711, Beautification Team meets in Room 749 and the Yearbook Club meets in Room 745.

Announcement #4: To all students that were given lunch form, please have your parents fill it out online or return it to Ms. Ruiz, in Room 706A.

Announcement #5: Students should be mindful that we must throw out our garbage as soon as they are done with eating their lunch. This is to ensure that we treat ourselves, and our community with the respect we deserve.

Announcement #6: Students please return your photo consent forms to your 2nd period teachers.

Announcement #7: Shout out to Mr. Zahn for taking our students to see Hamilton! Thank you!

Have a great rest of Wednesday!



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