Sign up for a convenient appointment during the available days and times.  This is for your Graduation Photo Session, both to appear in your school yearbook and so you can purchase the mementos of High School Graduation Portraits. Please sign up for only one appointment to allow everyone the opportunity to be photographed.

You MUST schedule a time slot ONLY during your free period or lunch period. Photos will be taken in the 10th Floor Mezzanine Room

If you have 3rd period lunch, schedule a time between 9:56am and 10:41am
If you have 6th period lunch, schedule a time between 12:20pm and 1:04pm
If you have 8th period free, schedule a time between 1:55pm and 2:40pm
If none of the above work, please schedule a time after 8th period from 2:40pm to 3:30pm

Studio provides formal yearbook attire for all students (black velvet drape and tuxedo), as well as cap & gown in your school colors. Please wear tank top for use with black drape or shirt with no collar for use with tuxedo.  Don’t be left out! 

Sign up here:

Questions? or 718-268-2870

Location: 10th Floor Mezzanine Room

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