Senior Dues

Listed below is the breakdown of your senior dues! Everyone who is graduating MUST order the cap, gown, and diploma case. All other items on the list are optional. You must let us know by Thursday, December 23st which items you would like to receive.

How do I pay?
Check OR Money Order made out to Gramercy Arts High School
Give the check or money order to Mr. Lau in room 741A!
Make sure the check or money order is signed (DO NOT SIGN THE BACK!!!!)

Is there a payment plan?
You may pay the $150 in full
You can also pay in installments of $75. These installments are due on November 24, 2021 AND February 1, 2022

If I just want some of the items but not all, what do I do?
Check off everything below that you want (cap, gown, diploma are mandatory)
Calculate the total
Pay the total amount


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