Announcement #1: Lunch and Learn today is Art, Drama, Living Environment Labs and Italian.

Announcement #2: Here are today’s clubs: The Anime and Manga Club meets with Mr. Kim in Room 701, the Chess Club meets with Mr. Brown in Room 715, and Photography meets with Ms. Iocovozzi in Room 707.

Announcement #3: All students in the Photography Club, please send Ms. Iocovozzi your photos by 8th period.

Announcement #4: Come see the fall play this afternoon at 4pm! Tickets are on sale in the Black Box during lunch. This is the final performance.

Announcement #5: Get your tickets now for tonight’s SGO Snowflake Ball.

Announcement #6: Shout out to Nick Coicou and Evelin Morales for getting accepted to the Parson’s Scholars Program.

Announcement #7: The National Honors Society will meet today, period 6, in Room 737 – the following students are required to attend:  

Elected officers: Dora Batinovic, Olivia Matthews, Jendayi Glasgow, Xara Williams, Shi Qiao Wang, Michael Rios, Disney Smith, and Fiona Codling.

Board Members: Darren Zheng, Eileen Downes, Emilie Sano, Hamere Debebe, Nikolas Nadirashvili, Osmar Perez, Samara Drayton, Christina Mason, Crista Edroi, Jaymoni Signal, Maritai Evans, Kai Yong, Rebecca Rivera, and Sheila Ferreira.

Have a great rest of Friday!



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