Announcement #1: Lunch and Learn today is Art, Drama, Living Environment Labs and Italian.

Announcement #2: Regents Prep this afternoon will be Chemistry with Mr. Brown and Living Environment with Ms. Akingba.

Announcement #3: Here are today’s after school clubs: The Anime and Manga Club meets with Mr. Kim in Room 701, the Chess Club meets with Mr. Brown in Room 715 and, Photography meets with Ms. Iocovozzi in Room 707.

Announcement #4: The National Honors Society will have a mandatory meeting for all members, today, after school. Not attending the MANDATORY meeting can jeopardize your membership or the opportunity to be inducted.

Announcement #5: Teachers please make sure you cover your bulletin boards by the end of today, in preparation for the exams next week.

Announcement #6: This is the last day of the 3rd Marking Period and the 1st Semester. Next week will be Regents Testing, only students registered for exams will be in attendance. Monday, January 2st is Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday; all students return to school on Tuesday, January 29th, for the start of the Spring Semester.

Have a great rest of Friday and good luck on your Regents!



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