The fall semester ends today. Today is the last day of lunch and learn for English, science, social studies, and art.

Announcement #1: All students who achieve honor roll for marking period 2, marking period 3, and/or Semester 1 will be invited to go ice skating on Monday, February 5 at 1:30. Permission slips will be distributed during the first week of the second semester, after Regents week.

Announcement #2: The Anime and Manga Club meets with Mr. Kim in Room 701, the Chess Club meets with Mr. Brown in Room 715, Meditation meets with Mr. Znyk on the 10th Floor Mezzanine, The Debate Forum meets with Mr. Ashkenazi in Room 730, and Art History with Ms. Silverstein in Room 741.

Announcement #3: Juniors who are taking the SAT should sign up for Saturday morning SAT test prep at Cleary, which starts on Saturday, February 3. Breakfast and Metrocards are provided. See Ms. Polo to sign up.

Announcement #4: Today is Chemistry Regents prep in room 715, and Living Environment Regents prep in 705.

Announcement #5: The Library Beautification meets during lunch down in the Library today. This will count towards your Community Service hours. If you want to help improve the library, meet Ms. Weltman during lunch in the library today.

Announcement #6: If you’re interested in playing varsity baseball this spring, you must come to a mandatory meeting today at 3:45 in Room 719 with Coach Lilla.

Announcement #7: There will be a meeting for all Theater students who are interested in performing in the Black History Month Show today during lunch in the Black Box. If you would like to perform a scene, monologue, or poem, or if you would like to be the MC, please come! That’s today at lunch in the Black Box.

Announcement #8: A shout out to all students who worked hard, helped others, and took care of their business over the past 85 days during the first semester. You guys make this school rock and we can’t wait to ice skate with you in two weeks.

Have a great rest of Friday.



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