Announcement #1: The second marking period will end on May 3rd; you have 9 days left to stay on top of your work.

Announcement #2: Lunch and Learn today is English.

Announcement #3: There are no after school clubs today. All students must leave the building after dismissal at 2:40 pm. Do not remain on the 7th floor after 2:40 pm.

Announcement #4: Our Earth Day Celebration will be on Thursday, April 18th; please wear your Earth Day Shirts on Thursday.

Announcement #5: The National Honors Society members will have a group picture for the yearbook on Wednesday, April 17th at the beginning of 6th period in Room 737.

Announcement #6: Get your tickets to RENT, the spring musical, see Ms. Mabrie to reserve a seat for tomorrow’s performance at 4 pm.

Announcement #7: The Poetry Slam be on Apr 30th! You can sing, rap or perform to your heart’s content. Sign up in the Main Office, if you have any questions ask Sandro.

Have a great rest of Monday!



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