Announcement #1: The second marking period will end on May 3rd; you have 19 days left to stay on top of your work.

Announcement #2: Lunch and Learn today is English.

Announcement #3: There are no after school clubs today. All students must leave the building after dismissal at 2:40 pm. Do not remain on the 7th floor after 2:40 pm.

Announcement #4: Attention RENT Cast – there is a mandatory lunch rehearsal today for all cast members. Also, rehearsals begin PROMPTLY at 2:45 today, because you will be working with musicians until 5:30.

Announcement #5: Students please be sure to give your parents the survey that was given to you. Those who return the survey to the main office will be entered in a raffle for a special prize.

Announcement #6: Shout out goes to all the student volunteers at last weekend’s High School Fair: Disney Smith, Yaricuyay Moran, Emilie Sano, Shi Qiao Wang, Kenndiany De Jesus, Diamond Simmons, Zelina Hernandez, Arlenny Taveras, and Luis Gonzalez.

Have a great rest of Monday!



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