Marking period 3 started last Monday, and there are 20 days remaining in the school year. All MP 2 honor roll students will be invited to go miniature golfing next Monday, May 21.


Announcement #1: Lunch and Learn today is math, social studies, and art.

Announcement #2: Attention juniors: there are a limited number of SAT waivers available to be used through the August SAT test. If you are interested in getting one of these waivers, please sign up on Ms. Polo’s door.

Announcement #3: This Friday night is the SGO’s Spring Dance Luau! This will be the last and biggest dance of the year. So plan to come out and get your hula on! If you would like to bring guests to the dance, please see Ms. Rodríguez at lunch for a permission slip today. All guests must have a school ID when they attend the event.

Announcement #4: Those sophomores and juniors who are invited to join National Honor Society, please see the bulletin board at lunch today for application information. THe application window opens today and closes next Friday, May 25.

Announcement #5: AP tests are this week. If you are enrolled in an AP class this year, you must take the AP test. Do not be late to your AP test—and good luck!

Announcement #6: All Cleary Mentees, please RSVP via e-mail to Ms. Clagnaz regarding your attendance to the Mets baseball game by the END of the day today.

Announcement #7: Ms. Mabrie and Mr. Turkle shout out the Acting students who performed their devised pieces this past Friday! You all worked so hard to produce original pieces of theatre that highlighted important themes!

Have a great rest of Monday.



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