Announcement #1: Lunch and Learn today is English.

Announcement #2: There are no after school clubs today. All students must leave the building after dismissal at 2:40 pm. Do not remain on the 7th floor after 2:40 pm.

Announcement #3: Attention Gramercy Arts! Spirit Week is this week, October 15th-19th. Today is Pajama day. Tomorrow is Twin Day. Wednesday is Jersey Day. Thursday is LBGTQ Day. and Friday is Ethnicity Day. Look out for posters that inform you of which day is which Spirit Event. Don’t forget that, in addition to being in the yearbook, you can win prizes as well! So show off your Gramercy Spirit!

Announcement #4: On Friday, October 26th, SGO will be hosting it’s annual Spooktacular! We’re going to paint pumpkins, enjoy snacks, and be scared out of your mind while watching a horror movie in the auditorium! Tickets will be on sale for one dollar in the lunchroom every day until the day off, where it will be $2 for entry.

Announcement #5: Senior Quotes are due December 8th. Get it in by the deadline or you will not have a senior quote.

Announcement #6: Shoutout goes to all students volunteer at the High School Fair over the weekend: Samantha Cavaliere, Laysha Rodriguez, Susana Angamarca, Disney Smith, and Teraya Spencer.

Have a great rest of Monday!



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