Announcement #1: Lunch and Learn today is math, social studies, and art.

Announcement #2: The SGO Valentine’s Day Flower Grams are on sale today during lunch. Send a message and a flower to a special someone for Valentine’s Day, which is next Wednesday. The Flower Grams are just $1 each. They’ll be distributed this Wednesday, on Valentine’s Day.

Announcement #3: SGO will be holding two auditions for our annual Talent Show. Auditions are this Tuesday and Thursday. Sign up on the sheets outside Ms. Rodriguez’s room.

Announcement #4: The New Gramercy Times newspaper meets with Ms. Jimenez in Room 711 at lunch.

Announcement #5: Tomorrow is the February SLT meeting at 4:30 pm.

Announcement #6: This Thursday is the Black History Month performance in the auditorium periods 7 and 8.

Announcement #7: This is a reminder to all seniors who need to take the US history regents exam, meet with Ms. DiCicco for tutoring in Room 715 during lunch today.

Announcement #8: On Saturday and Sunday, February 24 and 25, there will be a Fan Faire creative arts/comic con festival at at the High School of Arts and Design, which is located at

Announcement #8: A huge shout out to the rock stars in SGO who worked their butts off before and after Friday’s dance: Carlos, Cesar R., Samara, Jathan, and SGO volunteers Meghan, Naila,  Fiona, Maria, Darren, and Michelle. Gramercy just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t have humans like you!

Have a great rest of Monday.



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