Marking period 2 ends a week from tomorrow. There are 31 days remaining in the school year. End semester 2 with grades in all your classes that improve your cumulative average on your transcript.


Announcement #1: Lunch and Learn today is math and science.

Announcement #2: Girls Who Code meets with Ms. Beck in Room 722, and the Poetry Club meets with Ms. Iocovozzi in Room 745. The Stress Relief Group meets with Sean from the health center in Room 741 at lunch.

Announcement #3: The Library Beautification team meets during lunch down in the Library today.

Announcement #4: Today after school is Homework Helper in room 749. Come get your work done and get a snack and get ahead for the rest of the week.

Announcement #5: The Spring Vineyard Theatre Youth Ensemble is coming up! It’s limited space, first come first serve. The May Session runs Wed & Thursdays, but will begin next Thursday May 3, from 3pm – 5pm on the 11th Floor. Find Ms. Rojek if interested!

Announcement #6: Those who are interested in performing at the Earth Day Poetry Slam next Monday should report to Room 745 today during lunch.

Announcement #7: Next Friday, May 4, is the spring dance, vocal, and music concert at 6 pm in the auditorium. Everyone is welcome to see the final big concert of the season with dancers and singers. That’s next Friday at 6 pm in the auditorium.

Announcement #8: Attention all Cleary mentees, there is a mandatory check-in today in room 721 at 2:45 pm. You must be in attendance to sign a form to participate in the Hamilton Scavenger Hunt. Again, all Cleary mentees must check in today in room 721 after school.

Announcement #9: Mr. Patterson shouts out Megan Chairavono for speaking to the freshmen in 8th period English A yesterday about preparing for academic success in the sophomore and juniors years.

Announcement #10: Green Team has a mandatory meeting today in Room 705 after 8th period.


Have a great rest of Thursday!



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