Announcement #1: Lunch and Learn today is Science and Math.

Announcement #2: Here are today’s after school clubs: The Gay Straight Alliance with Mr. O’Neill meets in Room 711, Girls Who Code meets with Ms. Beck in Room 745, and the SGO meets with Ms. Rodriguez in Room 721.

Announcement #3: This is the 19th day of the 3rd Marking Period. There are 15 days left in the semester to stay on top of your work and turn in your assignments.

Announcement #4: The Candy-GRAMS delivery has been changed from today to Friday, 5th period. This means you’ve got a whole extra day to purchase a gram for $1 and spread some holiday cheer! Feel free to stop by Room 717 any time to purchase grams or purchase from SGO during 6th period.

Announcement #5: Ms. Dicicco gives a huge shout-out to our amazing and wonderful students and staff members at the Holiday Music, Drama and Dance Concert! Ms. Beck, Ms. Mabrie, Ms. Del Nido and Ms. Hindelong, your commitment and expertise was showcased through the work you are doing with our students! Ms. Montanino, the statues look awesome in the glass cabinets!

Announcement #6: The deadline for all baby photos submissions for the yearbook is JANUARY 2, 2019.

Have a great rest of Thursday!



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