Announcement #1: The second marking period will end on May 3rd; you have 21 days left to stay on top of your work.

Announcement #2: Lunch and Learn today is Science and Math. The Gramercy Times newspaper meets with Mr. Askenazi, in Room 730, during lunch.

Announcement #3: Here are today’s after school clubs: Gay-Straight Alliance meets with Mr. O’Neill and Ms. McCasland in Room 711, Girls Who Code meets with Ms. Beck in Room 745, and the SGO meets with Ms. Rodriguez in Room 721. Also, we have Homework Help, in Room 749.

Announcement #4: The National Honors Society will have a mandatory meeting tomorrow at 6th Period, in Room 737.

Announcement #5: Those who bought the Earth Day t-shirt, please pick it up today at 6th period, in Room 737. Bring $10 if you have not paid as yet.

Announcement #6: Students please be sure to give your parents the survey that was given to you last week. Those who return the survey to the main office will be entered in a raffle for a special prize.

Have a great rest of Thursday!



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