Marking period 3 started last Monday, and there are 17 days remaining in the school year.


Announcement #1: Lunch and Learn today is math and science.

Announcement #2: It’s 30 short hours away from the biggest dance of the year—the SGO’s Spring Dance Luau! Come out tomorrow night and get your hyped hula and your phonomenal pineapple passion on! If you would like to bring guests to the dance, please see Ms. Rodríguez at lunch for a permission slip. All guests must have a school ID when they attend the event.

Announcement #3: Attention juniors: there are a limited number of SAT fee waivers available to be used through the August SAT test. If you are interested in getting one of these waivers, please sign up on Ms. Polo’s door. The first students to sign up will be given the waivers. The last day to sign up is tomorrow.

Announcement #4: Girls Who Code meets with Ms. Beck in Room 722, and the Poetry Club meets with Ms. Iocovozzi in Room 745. The Stress Relief Group meets with Sean from the health center in Room 719 at lunch.

Announcement #5: National Honor Society applications for invited sophomores and juniors are due next Friday.

Announcement #6: All green team members must meet after school today in Room 748. Again, all green team members must meet after school today in Room 748.

Announcement #7: Attention all Cleary Mentees, attend the mandatory check-in today in room 721 after school. You will receive your Mets ticket. Do not forget or you won’t have a ticket!

Announcement #8: Today is Homework Helper after school at 2:45 in Room 749. Use this time to get your grade as high as you possibly can by the end of the semester.

Announcement #9: Attention seniors: the senior trip is Wednesday, May 30, to Six Flags Great Adventure. Please sign up and get a permission slip outside Mr. Patterson’s office by tomorrow if you are going on the senior trip. The cost is $100, due by next Friday.

Announcement #10: This coming Monday is Student Voter Registration day. If you will be 18 by this November, you can register to vote on Monday. Mr. Ali will have a table where you can register before school and at lunch.


Have a great rest of Thursday.



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