Today is the eleventh day of MP 3, which ends in 19 school days. There are now 43 school days remaining in the school year.

Announcement #1: The library is closed for lunch today. Again, there is no library at lunch today.

Announcement #2: Lunch and Learn today is English and social studies.

Announcement #3: Attention all students who are going bowling this afternoon: Please come down to the back of the auditorium at 1:30 this afternoon. Again, all students going bowling today, please come down to the back of the auditorium at 1:30 this afternoon.

Announcement #4: This Friday is Ethnicity Spirit Day. Bring your flags and wear clothes that reflect your ethnicity. The Ethnicity Day picture will be taken during lunch.

Announcement #5: Attention juniors: There is an opportunity to take college classes and earn credit this summer at Baruch. These courses will look great on your college application when you start applying for college in five months. The application deadline is this Friday.

Announcement #6: Next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the cast and crew of the spring musical is proud to present HAIR! TICKETS GO ON SALE FOR FIVE DOLLARS A TICKET TODAY IN ROOM 706!!!! DON’T MISS THE MUSICAL OF THE SEASON!!!

Announcement #7: The SGO meets in Room 721 with Ms. Rodríguez and Yoga meets with Ms. Akingba and Ms. Carr in the dance room-1148.

Announcement #8: Homework Helper is after school tomorrow in Room 749.

Announcement #9: If you are interested in stage design, stage tech or would just like to help out with the musical HAIR, please find Ms. Rojek in room 707 during lunch today.   

Announcement #10: Hair rehearsals start at 3 pm on the in the auditorium. Be there and ready to start promptly at 4.

Have a great rest of Tuesday.



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