Marking period 1 ends this Friday–in 3 school days, and report cards will be given out next Friday. All students who make honor roll will be invited on the Honor Roll trip on Monday, March 26.

Announcement #1: Lunch and Learn today is English and social studies.

Announcement #2: Tomorrow at 4 pm is the SGO Talent Show! If you are in the talent show, you must report for talent show tech immediately after school in the auditorium at 2:45. Again, all participants in the talent show must report for talent show tech at 2:45 in the auditorium today.

Announcement #3: Today is Jersey Day! Everyone should wear the jersey of their favorite sports team. The senior jersey day photo will be taken in the cafeteria today during lunch!

Announcement #4: If you plan on participating in the #ENOUGH gun violence protest walk-out tomorrow, please note that you will be reminded that students should walk out at 9:50 and then return after the protest. Remember that you will be passing back through scanning when you re-enter. Please make sure you get any work from your third-period teacher tomorrow that you might miss because of the walk out.

Announcement #5: Study and Homework Helper is tomorrow after school in Room 749. Snacks will be provided. Plan to come to homework helper to complete all your work for the first marking period, which ends on Friday.

Announcement #6: Attention all students taking AP tests this year: Your AP tests are now only 9 weeks away. The AP study-group room, Room 741-A, will again be available for groups who want to study as a team for their AP classes. The sign-up sheet is on the door to 741-A. Students who use the room must be studying as a group for their classes. Sign-up is first come, first-served.

Announcement #7: The SGO meets in Room 741 today, and Yoga meets with Ms. Carr in the dance room-1148. Attention SGO members, please note that you are meeting with Ms. DiCicco today in Room 741. Please do not be late; pizza will be provided.

Announcement #8: Rehearsal for HAIR will is at 3 pm on the 11th floor today after school. DO NOT BE LATE!!!

Have a great rest of Tuesday!



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