Marking period 3 started last Monday, and there are 19 days remaining in the school year. All MP 2 honor roll students will be invited to go miniature golfing next Monday, May 21. Get your permission slip from the Honor Roll bulletin board opposite Ms. Rodríguez’s room at lunch today.

Announcement #1: Lunch and Learn today is English and social studies. There are only three more weeks of lunch and learn, so make use of each of the remaining days to increase your GPA.

Announcement #2: Attention juniors: there are a limited number of SAT waivers available to be used through the August SAT test. If you are interested in getting one of these waivers, please sign up on Ms. Polo’s door. The first students to sign up will be given the waivers.

Announcement #3: The SGO meets in Room 721 with Ms. Rodríguez and Yoga meets with Ms. Akingba and Ms. Carr in the dance room-1148.

Announcement #4: Coming up this Friday night is the biggest dance of the year—the SGO’s Spring Dance Luau! Plan to come out on Friday night and get your hyped hula and your phonomenal pineapple passion on! If you would like to bring guests to the dance, please see Ms. Rodríguez at lunch for a permission slip. All guests must have a school ID when they attend the event.

Announcement #5: Those sophomores and juniors who are invited to join National Honor Society should see the bulletin board by Ms. Laratta’s room for all the application information and the application instructions. The application window closes next Friday, May 25, at the end of the day. The application requires that teachers complete recommendation forms, so do not wait until the last minute to get your NHS applications in.

Announcement #6: AP tests are tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday. Do not be late to your AP test—and good luck!

Announcement #7: All Cleary Mentees, please RSVP via e-mail to Ms. Clagnaz regarding your attendance to the Mets baseball game by the END of the day today.

Announcement #8: Tomorrow is Homework Helper after school at 2:45 in Room 749. Use this time to get your grade as high as you possibly can by the end of the semester.

Announcement #9: Attention seniors: tomorrow at lunch in Room 715 there is a meeting for all seniors who intend to go on the one-day senior trip to Six Flags Great Adventure in two weeks. The total cost of the trip is $100. Again, tomorrow at lunch in Room 715 there is a meeting for all seniors who intend to go on the one-day seniors trip to Six Flags Great Adventure. Seniors, you must sign up for this trip at lunch tomorrow in Room 715 if you intend to go on the trip.

Have a great rest of Tuesday.



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