The spring semester begins today. If you rocked semester 1, keep up the great work. If you know you can do better, resolve to make today the first day of working harder and helping others more. This semester ends in 17 weeks, so it’s important that you make every day count, including today.

Announcement #1: Honor rolls for marking period 3 and overall semester 1 will be posted at the start of lunch today on the bulletin board opposite Ms. Rodriguez’s room.

Announcement #2: All students who achieved honor roll for marking period 2, marking period 3, and/or Semester 1 will be invited to go ice skating on Monday, February 5 at 1:30. Permission slips will be distributed tomorrow in your English classes.

Announcement #3: Lunch and Learn today is English and social studies.

Announcement #4: The SGO is proud to announce that its second annual Valentine’s Day dance, the Gram Glow, is next Friday night, February 9, at 6 pm. Come dance to buttery smooth tunes with glow-sticks galore, bodacious black lights, and luscious lasers.

Announcement #5: Rehearsals for HAIR will start today at 4:00 pm in room 1148. On time means ten minutes early, so be ready to start at 4!

Announcement #6: If you would like to perform a monologue, poem, or scene at the Black History Month Show, don’t forget to come to the Black Box during lunch to rehearse! Lunch rehearsals will take place on Thursday and Friday this week.

Announcement #7: The SGO meets in Room 721 with Ms. Rodríguez and Yoga meets with Ms. Akingba and Ms. Carr in the dance room-1148.

Announcement #8: Juniors who are taking the SAT should sign up for Saturday morning SAT test prep at Cleary, which starts this Saturday. Breakfast and Metrocards are provided. See Ms. Polo to sign up.

Announcement #9: A shout out to all the students who achieved honor roll for marking period 3 and overall semester 1. Awesome job, you guys.

Have a great rest of Tuesday.



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