Student Email & Reset

Congrats! and welcome to our GAHS Family

A big part of what makes our family so great is communication

If you are a “Incoming Student” you will find steps below on how to set up your Gramercy Arts Student email. If are not a “Incoming student but need to reset your password please click the link below and the tech will get to you within 48 hours of your request.

Logging into your gramercy email is as easy as 1 , 2 , 3!

To access both PupilPath and your Gramercy email,
please follow the steps below

Navigate to G
You will be prompted to type your email address – please do so as follows:

Type your email as  (no spaces if you have more than one word in the name, you must include the @ for this to work as well)

Example: First Name: Roberto Last Name: Mendoza Ferarra
The Email Address would become (
roberto.mendozaferarra@gramercyhs.or g)

The page will then prompt you for your password, which is your student ID number. Once you log in you will see an email from PupilPath with instructions to access PupilPath which is your online portal to access grades, view assignments, communicate with teachers, and view your program. Please click on that link and follow the instructions.

If you have any difficulties, please reach out to for assistance.

PupilPath Login

Please only use this link if you are a Student who already has access to their Gramercy account or If you are a Parent who needs their Registration code.

To send a ticket for your pupil path login information please click here and someone will help you within 48 hours.

Thank You!

Please watch the two videos for directions on how to your DOE Student account (Video on the left) & How to log into the Student Facing Zoom (Video on the Right)

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