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Pamela Mudzingwa

I preface this introduction with the confession that I loathe personal bios, because they require the writer to pick and choose elements of their story that fit an all too narrow context. The best way to know me well is through speaking with me – my door and email inbox are always open!

I started my career in education fifteen years ago as a middle school science teacher, where I learned that hard work, dedication and excellence in my craft is the only standard by which educators can do service to kids. Of course, I soon also learned that this is not enough. Prior to this, I had worked on Wall Street. My childhood dream had been to be one of those people who wore sneakers on the subway and switched into heels once at work. However once that dream was realized, the lack of personal fulfillment led to becoming an educator.

As I grew as a teacher I made the switch to administration at John Dewey High School as Assistant Principal for the Science Department and led the Premed Health Academy in 2014. During this tenure I learned that relationships are the foundation upon which hard work can endure. By building relationships with students and colleagues, listening and reflecting on feedback I received from both, I understood that to allow a school to thrive one must allow people to leverage their strengths, and seek ways to unlock their enthusiasm for what they love.

When I became Principal of Gramercy Arts High School in 2019, it was with a mind to empower everyone around me to unlock their enthusiasm. In my three years here, I am proud to share with you my enthusiasm for our kids and our school community. When our students have their moment of sitting down to write their future personal bios, I hope it is filled with enthusiasm for doing what they love, and that self-discovery happens right here at Gramercy Arts High School. I look forward to continuing to be part of our school community as we use “Art as a Pathway for Thinking and Healing”.

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