Dear fellow members of the Gramercy Arts  High School Community,

I sincerely hope that you and your families are well and that in spite of our global backdrop you were able to do something memorable with your families. To say that the last several months have not been easy, is an understatement. We have all been stretched and challenged. Yet, I know that as a school community we will continue to push through and will come out of this stronger and greater than we were before.  I am in awe of the sacrifices that we have collectively made and I am inspired that working together we will have a successful school year.

As many parents have been inquiring about their students engaging in remote learning I wanted to let you know that to opt for remote learning you may email Ms. Cordero At this point, almost half of our students are opting to start remotely and while we would welcome a return to traditional learning, we realize that is a long way off.

The school has chosen to go with Department of Education Model 3A each of your students should have received a Cohort Letter by now explaining what group they will be in.

Looking ahead: We know that about half the school will be attending school remotely. All other students are divided into three cohorts: A, B, and C.  This means that at any given time there will be less than 100 students in the building. Each cohort will come into the building once every three days. Once we have a firm school start date we will be able to send a calendar letting you know which specific days your child will be in school but this is difficult to do at this point without this vital information from the Department of Education. An example of what the rotation could look like is below:

  Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri
Week 1 Cohort A Cohort B Cohort C Cohort A Cohort B
Week 2 Cohort C Cohort A Cohort B Cohort C Cohort A
Week 3 Cohort B Cohort C Cohort A Cohort B Cohort C

Please note that  if you opted for blended learning your child can only come in on the days that their cohort is scheduled. If your child comes in on the wrong day you will be called to come and pick your child up. This is to ensure that we are able to practice maximum social distancing guidelines in alignment with the policies and protocols that have been set off by the Department of Education. In addition ALL students will be required to log onto Google Classroom daily to engage in remote learning for each of their classes when they are not in the building. In other words, attendance will be taken daily for all classes regardless of whether the student opted for remote or blended learning.

While in the school, students will be limited to being in one class with a fixed group of other students to the extent possible to minimize hallway crowding during passing time. All students and staff are required to keep their masks on at all times. There will be no in person Physical Education classes and there will be no lunch period. As stated by the Department of Education, students are to stay in their classroom and to eat while they work to limit the gathering of large groups.  In order to minimize exposure between students, in lieu of eating in classes we will provide a grab and go lunch in addition to the grab and go breakfast daily. All clubs will be held virtually and there will be no in person after school activities.  Please note that we are currently looking into securing permits to use the nearby parks to use for social activities with our students who will be attending school remotely. We hope to host pizza parties in the park where we can appropriately social distance to ensure that our remote students remain connected to the school and have opportunities to socialize with their peers.

Please stay safe and know that we are working hard to ensure that we will have another successful school year. Our first priority is everyone’s safety and we aim to do everything within our power to ensure that our students, staff and parents are safe.

 “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

Dear Students,

We heard your wish to have more time with your teachers for your classes! While some of you may not have any added meeting times (which is fine!), many of you have new periods of instruction with your academic subject teachers with the aim of providing exactly that. Your teachers have provided you with the meeting join codes for these classes. You may find the join codes using this link

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