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  • Gramercy Arts H.S. Gmail, if you need your password to be reset, put your name on the list in the Main Office; the reset password will be Password1
  • Student Pupil Path, if you need access to Pupil Path, put your name on the list in the Main Office; the access information will be sent to your GAHS gmail
  • The Gramercy TimesThe Gramercy Times is the official school newspaper of Gramercy Arts High School. Here, you can find articles, reviews, rants, and artwork from previous issues.


Team Member for ContactRoleEmailContact For
Latrice CorderoOperations
  • Attendance Issues
  • Switching from Blended to Remote Learning
  • Working Papers
Kelly HerasGuidance Counselor (12)
  • Guidance Counselor (Grade 12)
  • Scheduling Concerns
Chase LauCollege
  • College Process
  • College Now
  • Financial Aid
Malik McAlpineParent
  • Parent Association
  • Having trouble contacting a teacher?
Tech SupportTech
  • Gramercy Art H.S. Email
  • PupilPath Login
  • Device and/or Internet
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